The good-luck candy 「Chitose-Ame」

2015-12-03 02.38.55

Hello! There is culture of 753 in Japan. It is a custom…

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Halloween swelled very much.


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Halloween swelled very much. It was great at Shibuya.
I enjoyed Airbnb costume presentation.
I was taken shortly be Tv program “Sukkiri”.
Many foreigners spoke to me. So I was very happy.
Thank you very much.

Next is Christmas?

【Japan Tokyo Mt.TAKAO5】


Mt.Takao Gallery5!

I go down from the top of the mountain.


There is a classic Shinto shrine on the way.

2015-09-19 15.14.49

There is the Japanese long-nosed 「Tengu」goblin there, too

Tengu are legendary Japanese creatures.

2015-09-19 15.16.46

2015-09-19 15.17.23

The torii is very cool, too.
「Torii」 is the contained gate.

2015-09-19 15.17.53

Here is Japanese culture.

2015-09-19 15.19.01

2015-09-19 15.19.15

2015-09-19 15.20.12

I pray on the next time!



Enjoy Japan ❢

【Otsukimi Tokyo in Japan】

“Otsukimi” September 27th was “otsuki…

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