The good-luck candy 「Chitose-Ame」

2015-12-03 02.38.55

Hello! There is culture of 753 in Japan. It is a custom…

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Halloween swelled very much.


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Halloween swelled very much. It was great at Shibuya.
I enjoyed Airbnb costume presentation.
I was taken shortly be Tv program “Sukkiri”.
Many foreigners spoke to me. So I was very happy.
Thank you very much.

Next is Christmas?

The first in the world! The costume presentation of Airbnb!

The first in the world!  The costume presentation of Ai…

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【Trick or Treat! Halloween!!】

2015-10-25 02.26.46

Halloween is coming soon! Trick or Treat! So, I’m…

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HAPPY Halloween! I have Airbnb Cosplay! in Harajuku &am…

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  September 24th was my birthday. One year passed …

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【Japanese Food ODEN!】

Today I ate “Oden おでん”. It’s Japanese food….

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Mt.Takaosan Gallery9!

There is a beer garden of the extreme popularity in the middle of a cable car of Mount Takao!

2015-09-19 15.53.13

2015-09-19 15.54.09

I drink!

While looking at good scenery!

2015-09-19 16.09.52

2015-09-19 16.16.26

Is delicious; is over!!!

2015-09-19 16.15.41

The beer after having climbed the mountain is the best!

I hold the beer garden in summer.

Events stopping by in a season are different.

I had a very nice time!!

2015-09-19 23.56.58




Enjoy Japan ❢


Mt.Takao Gallery8!

There is monkey garden when I withdraw a little.

2015-09-19 15.46.39

I can watch a Japanese monkey.

2015-09-19 15.47.17

2015-09-19 15.47.23

2015-09-19 15.47.33

There are a lot of souvenirs elsewhere

2015-09-19 15.48.23

Japanese food. Japanese horseradish.

Mucus of the long-nosed goblin!

2015-09-19 15.48.54


2015-09-19 15.49.01

Towel of the long-nosed goblin.

2015-09-19 15.49.16

The scenery on the way is the best.

2015-09-19 15.49.58

Beautiful scenery.


Enjoy Japan ❢


Mt.Takao Gallery7!!

2015-09-19 15.24.17

It is a guardian angel.

2015-09-19 15.24.22

2015-09-19 15.24.51


There are a lot of shops.

A Japanese lucky charm and sacred lot are sold.

2015-09-19 15.26.02

2015-09-19 15.25.53

2015-09-19 15.28.49

The picture of the long-nosed goblin is drawn.

2015-09-19 15.26.30

A lot of souvenirs are sold elsewhere!

2015-09-19 15.29.36


2015-09-19 15.36.29

The Japanese dumpling is sold, too.

And there are various long-nosed goblins.

2015-09-19 15.27.33

2015-09-19 15.27.47

2015-09-19 15.32.12

A Japanese tradition is enshrined.

2015-09-19 15.37.50

Warding off evil is done when I pass through the hole.

2015-09-19 15.31.58


There is a big tree!

The root of the tree resembles the foot of the octopus.

So I am called the tree of octopus.

2015-09-19 15.45.53




Enjoy Japan ❢