【Trick or Treat! Halloween!!】

2015-10-25 02.26.46
Halloween is coming soon! Trick or Treat!
So, I’m making a costume for Halloween from begining.
I don’t have a paper pattern, but I am sawing with a sawing machine.
While making, I made a nice thing!
It’s a bag!
Very pretty bag!
2015-10-25 02.01.26
2015-10-25 02.01.42
2015-10-25 02.26.46
2015-10-25 02.26.58
2015-10-25 02.48.22
2015-10-25 02.48.30
I will take part in a costume presentation. My costume is unique.
And I will walk around Shibuya, Roppongi and Harajuku!
Let’s enjoy!


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