takaosan tokyo beergarden
Now, a beer garden fair opens at Mt.Takao in Tokyo.
Mt.Fuji is nice, and Mt.Takao is nice too.
Mt.Takao is not so high, and is at on the outskirts of Tokyo. Air is clean and it”s easy to go up.
On the way to the summit, there is a temple. You can experience an good old Japan.
Recently, the Musium of Mt.Takao opens.
2015-09-19 15.16.48
2015-09-19 15.17.23
And the Beer garden!!
Very nice beer after mountain climbing in nature.
It will soon be over, till October 15th.
Please drink at Mt.Takao on this occasion.
There is very crowded on Satuaday and Sunday. I recommend to go on weekdays.
takaosan beergarden
takaosan beergarden


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