Japanese Ramen !


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【Japanese Ramen 1】

Ramen shop at Shimokitazawa.

A few days ago. I had ramen (japanese noodle) at night.

I want to have ramen suddenly.

Ramen is good taste. The day, I did my job at Shimokitazawa and I ate at there.

Shimokitazawa is popular with young people.

The ramen shop is 「YOKOHAMA IEKEI Ramen」.

It’s from about 5 minites walk from Shimokita Station.

I got nice service.

When I went there, One of spinach, Sea weed, or cola is free.

And onedrink for female is free.

Ramen is good taste, and spinach too.

Sea weed is dry, black,

Please try it !


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